Relational Technology International

Database design & Services organisation

About Us


RTI - (Relational Technology International Ltd) is a privately owned and operated New Zealand company. 


RTI was formed in March 1987 to distribute the INGRES database software. As New Zealand distributor, we provided pre and post sales support, training and education services, first line technical support and consulting and development services.

In 1988, we were appointed distributor of the CommonSense range of INGRES DBA tools. CommonSense were bought by Quest software (USA) which provides a wide range of tools and utilities for the Oracle marketplace as well as other database independent utility applications. 

Since 1991, we have distributed a wide range of RDBMS products including data management tools, Data Query tools, Business Intelligence tools, and Spatial Development tools linked to Relational Databases.

We have always maintained a training facility based on SQL (the language used to talk to all relational databases). We have other related courses which are run on demand.


Our skills

We understand data integration, all aspects of database design and production and data security. Our skills are in data modelling, database creation and administration, data manipulation and the like. We run training courses on these subjects at regular intervals. The products we sell are also data integration products. We are skilled in the support and use of these products and can work either as a contractor to your organisation or as part of your development team.

Customer profile

Our customers include many large companies and Government Departments, and across many industries:

Entertainment & Retail