Relational Technology International

Database design & Services organisation

Our Services 

Database Services are provided to support the product we sell

Since 1987 RTI has provided product support, training and also professional services related to corporate use of relational database technology. We offer these services in-house, by remote access and both locally and internationally.

Database Tuning, Auditing, Monitoring

Our consultants have had a wide range and depth of experience in the tuning and performance enhancement areas of Relational Databases. We also distribute a range of award winning software tools for Database Management (Dell Software), Performance Monitoring and Analysis (Solarwinds) and database virtualization ( Delphix).

We provide support service for all the products we distribute. Contract support arrangements are also in place with a number of clients to act as Database Administrators for their sites on a remote basis.


Our core business is the provision of database centric skills. Our consulting services includes areas such as: 
Database Modeling, Design and Tuning
Replication design
Systems design
Systems & Database auditing (design/performance)
Database administration (local & remote)
Spatial consulting design and development (using Xmarc)
Data Warehousing