Relational Technology International

Database design & Services organisation


RTI sells a range of database-centric products from around the world, our focus is relational database design, production and performance.


Delphix delivers virtualized data on demand for your different operational needs. read more


Among other products, Solarwinds builds database performance solutions that help accelerate application time-to-market, speed problem resolution, and reduce overall cost of IT operations.

Solarwinds Database Performance Analyzer, is used by database administrators and developers to improve database performance on SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 and Sybase databases running on VMware virtual servers as well as physical servers. read more

Dell Software

RTI looks after the range of Dell Software products, including sales, installation, support and maintenance, and training where required.

The product families include TOAD and Foglight  as well as the many other administration / management tools including Spotlight, Stat, and many more.

We have a very wide range of customers throughout New Zealand who are Dell Software product users. read more


CAS is the New Zealand Crash Analysis System, developed for Land Transport Safety Authority and now owned by Land Transport New Zealand. CAS is developed in a 3D spatial language called Fire. read more