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Fundamentals and Advanced SQL

SQL – From Fundamentals to Advanced – A two days workshop Course with industry experienced tutors

This course is ideal for those who:

  • Are new to SQL and need to fast-track their knowledge uptake
  • Want to refresh concepts previously lerned and now forgotten
  • Want to learn from tutors with "real world" database management and development experience
  • Like the idea of a small learning group (maximum of eight) where student/tutor interaction is encouraged

Course Fees: $1,300 + GST

Course Overview

Day 1

At the end of this day students will have:

  • A sound understanding of fundamental Relational Database and SQL concepts.
  • The ability to code and execute data definition and data manipulation statements.

To achieve this, we will cover several topics including:

  • SQL fundamentals concepts
  • Usage scope
  • Data definition
  • Data manipulation - populating tables
  • Data manipulation - simple data retrieval
  • Data manipulation - qualified data retrieval and simple joins

Day 2

At the end of this day, students will have the ability to code and execute more complex data manipulation statements.

To achieve this, we will cover several topics including: 

  • Data manipulation - complex joins and restrictions
  • Data manipulation - summarising data retrieved 
  • Data manipulation - changing/ deleting existing data
  • Data definition / manipulation - miscellaneous
  • Transaction management 
  • Data manipulation - complex queries etc

Course Dates and Registration

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